…And when the lights in the room go out, when the lights on the stage illuminate the place and the music starts to play…Then THEY will come out, variete stars… Looking at their costumes, their happy faces and gracious movements, hearing their powerful voices while they sing – we will understand once again that life is really full of joy and that we have to enjoy the moment, because it is the only thing there is – this wonderful, magical moment…

There are quite lot of opinions about variete. If you still think that there is nothing interesting about it, then you probably haven’t even seen REAL variete! Variete is, first of all, art that combines various genres. Some time ago it was mainly for elite and bohemian-like personalities. Some time had to pass before variete became art for the masses, but without losing its charming qualities and its main point. Variete art here, in Estonia, is connected mainly with Viru Variete – people’s favorite for many years and real professionals of their kind.

Viru Variete troupe is a team of professionals gifted in many ways. The show that they offer you won’t leave you ignorant or unsatisfied. The guarantee is our 45 years of experience. It was a time of constant development and moving forward (find more details about our history by following this link). When coming to our show you will have no regrets – you will be pulled in a whirlwind of energy. And this is the energy of life.

If you want to visit a Viru Variete performance, then you will find the necessary information in the Upcoming shows section. If you would like to turn your event into something really special by inviting joyous, lively and professional artists, then follow this link to the Contacts section.

See you at the variete!